Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary:  Evangelism is worth reimagining. For many people today, evangelism is an embarrassing word associated with arguments, coercion, pressure techniques and salesmanship. But in the New Testament, to practice evangelism is to invite people into the joy-filled, captive-liberating, hope-inspiring, and world-transforming Kingdom of God through discipleship to Jesus Christ.

GrantZweigleIn his new book, Worship, Wonder, and Way, Grant Zweigle invites the reader to reimagine evangelism as a set of loving, personal practices emerging from within the context of a hospitable Christian congregation that Worships God the Father; experiences the Wonder of the Holy Spirit; and walks in the Way of Jesus Christ.

Drawing from sixteen years of pastoral ministry in multicultural urban ministry in Vancouver, Canada and Seattle, Washington, as well as suburban Kansas City, Grant weaves together real life stories of people who practice evangelism without even knowing it and stories of people who are transformed by the Good News of Jesus Christ through the witness of a local congregation.

wmc-prayer-mtgGrant suggests practices of congregational witness and personal evangelism that are rooted in a Wesleyan, missional theological vision and appropriate for the rapidly changing, postmodern, pluralistic context that many churches find themselves in today.

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Endorsed by pastors, district superintendents, general superintendents, missionaries, regional directors, field strategy coordinators, chaplains, theologians and educators, Worship, Wonder, and Way: Reimagining Evangelism as Missional Practice is offered as a useful resource for pastors, lay leaders, students, local churches, and anyone who wants to reenergize, reengage, resuscitate and reimagine evangelism as the meaningful practice it was intended to be.

Follow this link for more information on evangelism as well as information on how to obtain a copy of Worship, Wonder, and Way.

Grant Zweigle is an ordained elder in the Church of the Nazarene. Grant serves as Dean of Students and instructor in evangelism at Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary in Manila, Philippines. Grant served as senior pastor in multicultural churches in Vancouver, Canada (2005-2014) and Seattle, USA (2000-2005); and as assistant pastor in Kansas City, USA (1997-1999). Grant is a graduate of Nazarene Theological Seminary (DMin, 2014; MDiv, 2000) and Northwest Nazarene University (BA, history and philosophy, 1993). He is married to Aisling and has two sons.