Chapman International College – Graduation Group Photo Photo: Mireu Kim

The Chapman International College’s (formerly SEANBC) graduation ceremony was held in Myanmar, Yangon on March 24. General Superintendent David Graves, CIC Chancellor Bill Kwon, Regional Director Mark Louw, and Field Strategic Coordinator David Phillips were among those who attended this event.

Using Isaiah 43:18-19, GS Graves shared the message on new beginnings and a new spirit-based outlook. The recent graduates were further encouraged by Dr. Louw and inspired by their fellow students’ testimonies. Those who attended expressed joy at the event.

Chapman International College – Graduation Ceremony Photo: Mireu Kim

At the ceremony, 31 people graduated with various courses. There were five Diploma of Ministry graduates, fifteen Certificate of Lay Ministry graduates, and eleven who earned a Bachelor’s in Theology.

Mark Louw said concerning the graduates, “It is not finished. It is just a new beginning. They will serve God to achieve our great commission ‘to make disciples all the nations.’”

Hun Lawn Awma, one of the students and senior pastor of Yangon First Nazarene Church, was one of the ordinands. He said “I wouldn’t be here if it was not for the grace of God. I have finished this study with the grace of God. Therefore, now, I thank God to be here as a servant of God.”