Asia-Pacific:   The Following announcement was just released from the Asia-Pacific Regional Director, Dr. Mark Louw.

With the recent appointment of Kevin Brunk as the new Administrative Director for Global Mission Finance, I have been consulting and seeking the Lord’s direction in who his successor would be here on the Asia-Pacific Region. 

As you all know, Kevin’s shoes are large ones to fill, so the task of finding an individual knowledgeable about mission finance, mission strategy and good missiology was not an easy one.  Soon, it became clear that the candidate best gifted for the assignment was already on the Region.

It is therefore my privilege to announce that Scot Riggins has accepted the assignment of Asia-Pacific Regional Finance Coordinator,  effective August 1, 2014.  This is the same date that Kevin Brunk officially begins his GMC assignment.

Kevin and Scot have been in conversation about the transitional time line and continuing mentorship. During the transitional period, several meetings have been scheduled that will include key officers, such as Field Treasurers, etc.

In a further attempt to decentralize the functions of the Regional Office while building on local experience and expertise, it has been decided that Scot will function out of the Resource Center located in Manila.

Scot holds an MBA and has served on the Eurasia, Africa, and Asia-Pacific Regions in finance and administrative roles.

He and his wife Jill, have four children, Aden, Wiley, Noah and Emma, with a new arrival on the way!

Follow this link for their missionary profile.