Discipleship Place – Global Church: The Church of the Nazarene has been partnering with Back to the Bible and GoTandem, in developing custom mobile applications to help our people engage with the living Word of God!

John Comstock from Discipleship Place sends the following note:

“May I share what we now know of current Nazarene’s using one of the 463 custom church apps? Of the 14,982 active Nazarene users of the custom mobile apps, there are 9,002 that have taken the assessment. Of these, 40% deal with fear as their primary area of struggle on a weekly basis; 48% of those are females. I think this is a significant awareness as we think about where people are in relation to their faith walk. Fear is a significant emotion that can cause us to retreat from intimacy with God. May we ask for God’s help to encourage our people to press into His perfect love.”

In looking at the statistical report from our Mobile Apps, I find additional significant insights of those 9,002 who participated in the assessment:

  • 36% struggled with anger and criticizing others
  • 31% with difficulty in forgiving.

On the Strengths side, I was encouraged to see that according to the assessment, participants ranked highest in the following strengths (in order of percentages).

  • Faithfulness
  • Joy
  • Kindness
  • Perseverance

Validated research by Back To The Bible indicated the following among other significant findings:


It is obvious that engaging with the Word makes an impact!

Stay Tuned!!!

AP_Region_Mobile_AppThe Asia-Pacific Regional Communications Team in cooperation with GoTandem, has completed our own Mobile Application.  It will provide in addition to an opportunity for scripture engagement:

  • Breaking News
  • Devotional Tracks
  • Sermon content material
  • Inspirational Media
  • Prayer and Praise Notices, and more!

Coming soon to an iPhone or Android device near you!!!!