Papua, Indonesia: On 17 March 2024, Nazarene Women in Leadership Papua District held its inaugural fellowship, attended by 73 women from 7 local churches. Papua District organized this gathering. Rev. Asnat Mangi – Sealands Field Nazarene Women in Leadership Coordinator, was the guest speaker.

Rev. Asnat Mangi shared about the role and calling of women in ministry from Genesis 1:28, “Equal helper,” which comes from the original Hebrew and means “Ezer kenegdo,” which is interpreted as Co-Warrior or Military Aid. She shared and encouraged women to be equal helpers in ministry, to discover God’s calling for themselves, not only to support and help the call of their husbands or partners, and to walk and work together side by side with men in ministry.

During the gathering, an election was also held for the Nazarene in Leadership organization for the Papua district, inviting women delegates from local churches to choose their women leaders. Mrs. Christa Vanessa Urbinas was elected president, Mrs. Mimik was elected secretary, and Mrs. Sherly Jeti was elected treasurer. It is hoped that the formation of a women’s ministry organization in leadership in the Papua district will further develop women’s movement and ministry in the region.

All the participants were inspired to find and hear God’s voice for a call to ministry. One woman in the gathering was a new believer in Jesus and was still wearing her Islamic clothing. Rev. Asnat Mangi is grateful for this event. She hopes this activity can strengthen God’s work in every woman in the Papua District and throughout Indonesia.