Asia-Pacific Region’s Nazarene Women in Leadership led the online Worship Celebration With the theme “Thriving Together” last 4 March 2023. Over 150 men and women from all over the region attended the worship service. 

The council members and Rev. Lynne Bollinger (NWL Coordinator) produced a video campaign entitled “Thriving together .”This campaign featured stories of women in leadership from AP Fields on regional platforms for the past five months. These stories reflect where we are today as a Region, affirming women in leadership. This event served as the culmination of the video campaign, highlighting not just women but also men. 

“God intends for men and women to serve side by side, each using their God-given gifts without limits or restrictions in the full freedom and power of the Holy Spirit for the sake of the world.” – Rev. Albert Hung

During the event, the guest speakers Rev. Albert Hung, the District Superintendent of the Northern California District, and his wife, Rev. Christine Youn Hung, talked about the issues and struggles of women in leadership not just in the Church of the Nazarene but in other denominations as well. And how the church today is making progress in affirming women in leadership.

Moreover, the Worship Celebration will not be complete without special music. Fiji Worship Team led the praise and worship, and Korea National District rendered a particular song. Rev. Lynne and her husband, Dr. Larry Bollinger, were the masters of the ceremonies. Even if they are in the USA now, they were able to join and be part of this beautiful event. Rev. Janary Suyat also stirred the fun by welcoming the participants and giving away shirts to the winners. 

“We would just like to give words of thankfulness to you for choosing this worthy issue to teach and preach on highlighting women’s voices and leadership, and especially to the Asia-Pacific Region Women in Leadership Ministry that you have spotlighted women on social media and their stories. This is so important in changing this narrative that we spoke about early in our sermon.”
-Rev. Christine Youn Hung

In the global conversations taking place in the Church of the Nazarene around the world, we are seeing the transforming power of the Spirit embodied in the voices of indigenous leaders as they are recognized, elevated, heard, and integrated into our kingdom work.  The purpose of the Thriving Together campaign is to point others to this work in our world and to acknowledge that when we hear the stories of Asian and Pacific Islanders, when we hear the stories of women in leadership in the Church, that is a sign of the kingdom come. May there be many more as we participate in God’s mission in the world, all of us shaped by the stories of those who have been marginalized, to transform us and to make all things new.-Rev.Lynne Bollinger, Nazarene Women in Leadership Coordinator

It’s a victorious day indeed! The NWL council is very grateful to those who took part and participated in this event. May we all continue to thrive together in serving God’s kingdom.