Brisbane, Australia: Nazarene Theological College held its 63rd Celebration Service for its 2022 graduates on 13 November at Bayside Community Church. 17 students from 6 countries (Australia, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Mexico, New Zealand, and Japan) earned their degrees, which is the largest number of graduates in the last 30 years.

  • 4 students earned Diploma of Christian Studies
  • 2 students earned Bachelor of Ministry
  • 1 student earned Bachelor of Theology
  • 3 students earned Certificate of Arts
  • 1 student earned Graduate Certificate of Chaplaincy
  • 2 students earned Graduate Diploma of Arts
  • 2 students earned Master of Divinity
  • 2 students earned Master of Theology

During the celebration service, Rev. Rob A. Fringer – NTC Principal says about his cohort with NTC graduates, “It is such a privilege to have walked alongside these students as they have sought to fulfill the calling God has placed on their lives. When I think back on this particular cohort of graduands, I can remember many ups and downs as they discovered themselves, made friends, learned to learn, grew in faith, overcame challenges, and celebrated small wins. I am confident that God is and will continue to use these people to reveal the Kingdom to others, and I know that with them, the church is in good hands.” 

Megan Meade, a Diploma of Arts graduate shared, “Sitting next to my peers, knowing we are future leaders in our denomination, was a profound moment. Knowing we have been given the keys to amazing knowledge and know we have a distinct call on our lives and that we were celebrated with people who have invested in us was a very special moment.”

Faculty, students, supportive family, and friends gathered to celebrate the academic accomplishment and a job well done. But more than that, they remembered and celebrated the privilege of faithful response to God’s call.

Rev. Dr. Joseph Wood (Dean of Students and Lecturer in Theology and Church History) said, “Celebration service always highlights for me how NTC is a deeply relational endeavor. We gather to celebrate the students and their achievements, but these things would not be possible without the faculty who teach, the administrators who organize, the trustees who empower, the Sydney College of Divinity who approve, the churches who send, the family and friends who support and above all, the God who calls.” 

The Asia-Pacific region celebrates with NTC and with the graduating class of 2022! Please pray for Principal Rev. Rob Fringer and the faculty and students at NTC. Please pray for the graduating class of 2022, who are emerging pastors and leaders in the Australia/New Zealand Field. May God’s Kingdom continue to come through their faithfulness to serve!