On 26 September 2022, the Philippines was struck by Super Typhoon Karding (International Name: Noru). The Northern part of Luzon was the hardest hit by the typhoon. After the Disaster Response Team did their assessment of the damages and effects of the typhoon, the team did a relief operation to the victims from Nueva Ecija, Pampanga and some parts of the Rizal province.

The team distributed more than 400 food packs to 9 different communities. According to NCM Philippines Coordinator, Rev. Jaime Eniceo, “We praise God for the opportunity to be a Church in Action to those affected by the recent super typhoon.” Rev. Crisanto Colorado, District Superintendent of Metropolitan Luzon, and Rev. Ryan Cardinal expressed their appreciation for the food packs to more than 400 families and communities covering their respective districts.

Please continue to pray for the affected families as they try to recover and rebuild after the devastation brought by the typhoon.

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