cmprsd Matthew Galman

Community Based Health Care Director  Matthew Galman working on community project with Kevin Brunk

Kudjip Nazarene Hospital, PNG: It is not often that you get to do a discipleship Bible study and engage in prayer time with men who have opposed your mission and work, threatened you, and been aligned with evil purposes that could end your ministry.

Recently our Community Based Health Care Director Matthew Galman held a week of devotions with men from the village who work on the hydroelectric dam project. His messages stirred a spiritual hunger that their wives recognized. These women approached our Nazarene Health Ministries team asking that we come to the local village to hold a nondenominational crusade especially for men who needed to be reclaimed from the bondages of sin, drugs and alcohol.

This happened recently with great expectation and included all the local denominations and churches. I had the privilege of sharing God’s word the first night under the tent off-station in Kudjip Village. That night two of the men in the picture came forward to commit their lives to Jesus along with several others. One is the village councilor and the other a leader in the tribe. They were gloriously saved and gave stirring testimonies of wanting God to change their lives.
The revival continued with good responses and cooperation through the final night. That final night when Matthew shared, the altar was filled as many sought Jesus and His deliverance. After the first group got up from the place of prayer, people kept coming until the altars had been filled four times! It is estimated there are now 100 men seeking Christ to lead their lives and homes as a result of the crusade.
We are praising the Lord for His Spirit at work in our village. Please pray with us that these men can be discipled, that they will take leadership in their community, churches and families, that they will continue to grow in grace and maturity, and that they will cooperate with God’s mission here. Many also need recovery from addictions. Pray for the Lord to use Matthew Galman and others in mentoring these men in the community and churches.
Hydro Project under construction in Papua New Guinea

Hydro Project under construction at Kudjip Nazarene Hospital, Papua New Guinea

We appreciate your prayers so much for these four men who meet with me each Saturday morning on our front porch. They are facing the battle against temptation to return to old ways. It is hard for them to overcome the past and the current peer pressure of those who are not following Christ. What a joy and privilege to journey with them on the road to heaven.

Please continue to pray for those who gave their hearts to Christ.  One of the men just lost his father so we are lifting him up in daily prayer. 
—- Dr. Jim Radcliffe, Surgeon, Kudjip Hospital, PNG