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Kudjip Nazarene Hospital, Papua New Guinea: There are on occasion those kids on the ward that pull at your heart strings a little extra hard.  For me, most recently, that has been Isaac Gabby.  Isaac has a restrictive cardiomyopathy.  It is a disease affecting his heart, which we can not cure.  He has not grown well and has signs that he has not been processing oxygen for a long time.

Isaac was admitted a month or so ago with increased symptoms of heart failure.  We have worked hard to maximize his treatment but have not seen as much improvement as I would have liked.

Just recently, Isaac was introduced to jigsaw puzzles!  I found several puzzles that weren’t too big and he enjoyed them very much.  So, when I decided to start a puzzle at the house, I thought of Isaac and felt confidant he would very much enjoy helping me with it.
Isaac and his mother at the home of Dr. Myers, working on a puzzle together

Isaac and his mother at the home of Dr. Myers, working on a puzzle together

A couple of Saturdays ago I was able to borrow an oxygen concentrator in order thatI saac could come and be on oxygen at our home while working on the puzzle with me.  It was a nice time for he and his mom to get out of the hospital and for me to share this time with him, along with a few cookies and a soda!

Isaac Receives A New Heart for All Eternity

As this story was going to press Dr. Myers posted the following update.

“My little friend Isaac went to be with Jesus at 10 pm on Sunday, March 16th.

Thank you for your prayers for him. Please continue to pray for the family as they mourn the loss of his life.  I find comfort in knowing that Isaac no longer has to deal with shortness of breath, swollen legs, pain and weakness.  He can run and play and be happy on those Streets of Gold! I’m trusting, too, that Isaac’s family sensed our love and concern for him and the entire family while at Nazarene Hospital.”

— Dr. Susan Myers
Please continue to lift up in prayer, your medical missionaries at Kudjip.  It is not easy when faced with disease, trauma, and heart break day after day.  Pray that God would be their peace and strength and that He will continue to allow them to see His hands working through their ministries.