Solomon Islands:  Local news reports are indicating that at least eight people have perished in flooding, which is reported to be the worst flooding in recorded history for the islands.

Our Nazarene Missionaries George and Nancy Miller had this to say about the current conditions:

“Prayer is requested, please pass the word.  We are personally safe; however the entire Solomon Islands is under a flood.  We have been packing so have not been around to observe.  The radio had an announcement that the bridge going into town is closed.   They are evacuating a lot of people.  They advised everyone to stay home until further notice.  Some of the wards at the hospital are being evacuated.  They said this is the worst flooding ever. We have a stationary low pressure area covering the entire country.  It has been raining for now going on the third day.” 

The Solomon Islands is an island nation of about 500,000 mainly Melanesian people, spread across hundreds of islands.  The islands gained their independence from Great Britain in 1978.

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