** Update ** Mango Tree Respite Center Requesting Prayer for Critically Ill Mother of 4

Dec 4, 2015

Kingdom of Tonga, South Pacific, 26-Nov:  The Mango Tree Respite Center Team is requesting urgent prayer for the mother of one of the children they work with.

See 4-December Update Below

Fipe is 25 years old and the mother of 4 young children, including Vea, a 2 year old cerebral palsy child.

Fipe has been suffering from a hole in her heart that was diagnosed when she was a child.  Recently, she received help from the New Zealand government and was able to go to New Zealand last week to undergo surgery. 

Tragically, Fipe’s condition suddenly worsened and despite urgent surgery, which was performed last Sunday (22nd November), she has not yet been able to regain consciousness. 

Please pray for Fipe, that God’s healing power would be over her, that she would regain consciousness and come back to her family in a healthy state.

Thank you for your prayer and God bless you.

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The Mango Tree Respite Center is a ministry of yours through the Church of the Nazarene in the Kingdom of Tonga.

The Center ministers to handicapped and disabled children and their families in the name of Christ.

Among other disabilities, a large number of children in Tonga are born with cerebral palsy and island families face great challenges in dealing with the effect.

**** UPDATE **** 

News has been received from the Mango Tree Center,  that despite the best efforts of the Physicians, Fipe has passed away.  Please continue to lift the children of Fipe before the Lord, as well as the staff of the MTRC as they minister to the children during this tragic time.

— Submitted:  In-Kwon Kim, Administrator of the Mango Tree Respite Center. 


Todd & Connie Lou Aebischer

Todd and Connie Lou Aebischer served as Regional Communications Coordinator - Regional NMI Coordinator respectively for over 4 years. They are now serving in Papua New Guinea under Mission Aviation Fellowship as Country Director / Program Director.

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