Kudjip, Papua New Guinea:  Nazarene Health Ministries (NHM) is making a significant Kingdom Impact throughout the highlands of Papua New Guinea.

Rural Nazarene Health Ministries...So Much More than Medicine...it's Kingdom Impact!
CBHC Country Director, Matthew Galman, teaches during CBHC outreach.

CBHC Country Director, Matthew Galman

“I believe it is the will of God for NHM to have an active discipleship program,” shared Matthew Galman, Coordinator for Community Based Healthcare in Papua New Guinea. “What makes NHM a very special place to live and work  is that it has an active internal discipleship program where people not only serve through health care but no matter who they are or what they do in NHM, they are being reached and discipled spiritually.”

NHM Leadership met last year and made the decision to divide the entire NHM staff into three groups, and begin holding spiritual formation sessions for these groups.   The first session was held May 14-17, 2015.  Two additional sessions will be forthcoming, so that every staff member of the hospital can participate.

NHM-spiritual-formation-staff-songs“This first session was truly a spiritually enriching time,” said Galman. “The Lord used and inspired the speakers to encourage our staff through the Word of God.  They spoke about being a good steward of God’s resources here on earth.  Many surrendered to God in all areas of their individual, family and work lives, as well as fully submitting themselves and every relationship to God.  Some even gave their lives to Christ for the first time!  Many were convicted to be better stewards for God in their daily work at NHM.”

NHM-spiritual-formation-staff-retreat-committmentThe presence of God was evident as hearts were softened, convicted, and as many came to the alter to surrender / recommit their lives to God.

We are so thankful to the Management Team for making this possible, as well as to Tininga Companies, Mt. Hagen, for donations to cover much of the costs of this event.

May God receive all of the glory!

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— Submitted:  Matthew Galman.