Indonesia: A Nazarene Missions Team of 11 young people traveled to Solo, Central Java, Indonesia on 29-31 July 2023 to minister to the pioneering congregation of Mahanaim Ministry Church of the Nazarene. They called the mission week “Pekan Ceria” which means Cheerful Week. The goal of this trip is to build relationships within the communities where the majority of the population is Muslim.

The team prepared daily activities during the mission trip. On the first day – two young people taught 11 moms how to do flower bouquets. On day 2, the team organized a traditional children’s game competition participated by 23 children. On the third day, the team joined morning exercises with the families in the community. On the fourth day, the team led the opening of the children’s library and even entertained the children with magic tricks. On the fifth day, they held a film showing with the children. On the sixth day, the team did a community/village clean-up with the residents. And on the last day, the team had a talent show and children’s games. They also gave away prizes to the children.

This mission trip was held to encourage and provide opportunities for the local church members to engage in God’s broader mission. Short-term mission trips provide an experience for the participants to see God’s work in other cultures, strengthen the churches God visits, and work with the Holy Spirit in bringing the love of Christ to the life of the intended community.

It is hoped that with this activity, the “Mission Journey” team and the Mahanaim Ministry congregation can better understand the importance of building relationships with the community and bringing them Christ’s love and good news. Many residents are glad with the new children’s library; this is expected to be an activity that will continue to be carried out in Solo, Central Java. Indonesia.