Pyeongtaek, South Korea: A new beginning for discipling the next generation is happening at DaeKwang Church of the Nazarene. Last November 2021, the church restarted its Sunday School program for middle and high school students and young adults with the theme “With Jesus.” The initial program was attended by 30 young people.

The initial gathering focused on the “Kingdom of Heaven.” Dr. Choi Bitnae, who has a background in Family Welfare, led the program. She shared about focusing on the “most important” versus the things in this world. Dr. Bitnae shared that she was moved by how the young people focused, listened, and responded to the message.  Some of the young people recommitted their lives to Jesus and decided to be Christ-followers.

One participant shared, “Through the message that I heard, I realized how alcohol, tobacco, and drugs affected my life and my faith.  Instead of harming the physical body, I have decided to fill my body with the things that please God.”

The Sunday School Department and Nazarene Youth International of DaeKwang Church plan to create various activities that will intentionally disciple the next generation of Korean young people in their community. They also began to hold NYI worship services attended by children and youth as well as multicultural groups. They hope that these young people will continue their spiritual journey with joy in the presence of God and really immerse their lives in God’s Word and live as disciples of Jesus Christ.

“I hope and pray that all the members of the church will unite and pray for this program.  As we enter the new normal in this Covid-19 pandemic, I hope that our young people who may be living in darkness will decide to change their life and live in true peace and joy with Jesus.” – Rev. Oh, WonKeun, Senior Pastor of DaeKwang Church shared.