Myanmar: After receiving a call from God, Aung and his family of six decided to leave their home. Moving to Naththauk village, Rakhine State in Myanmar. The village is in a remote location with no access to public transportation, electricity, and even the internet.

No obstacle is too difficult

At first, Aung and his family could not go to the village. In remote communities like Naththauk, rental housing does not exist. Therefore, there was no home available to rent.

However, through the help of Nazarene Compassionate Ministries and the Northwest District of Myanmar, a wooden house was built in the village for Aung’s family.

“I am very grateful to God because now my family has a home to live in. At the same time we have the opportunity to use this house as a church in the community where there is no church yet,” said Aung, a local missionary sent by Myanmar’s Northwest District.

As a new resident in the community, Aung will walk around the village every day. Visiting his neighbors to build connections and make friends. As he builds relationships with them, he intentionally shares the Gospel with his neighbors and prays for them whenever he has the opportunity. Aung also helps the community leaders with children’s education and school.

When he decided to follow Jesus as a local missionary, planting churches and making Christlike disciples in the community became his heart’s desire and passion. Now, he opens his house to the community. Becoming a hub for tutoring and music lessons. A place where children and young people can meet and fellowship with each other.

Pray for Aung and his family as they minister in the community. Pray that God will use them to build his church in this place.

Submitted by: Jerome Ro Thuam Liana
Nazarene Compassionate Care Coordinator – Southeast Asia Field