Local Church in Korea starts 301 Days Bible Reading via Youtube Channel

Jun 10, 2021

Gyeonggi Province, South Korea: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, most people are now spending time at home and the church has shifted to online services and activities. A local church in Korea has stepped up its focus on spiritual training for its members. Creating a fun and engaging program that everyone can do with their families at home.

301 Days Bible Reading

“I hope that our religious life will not stop even in the midst of this [Covid-19] crisis and that the whole family will advance toward the Word of God everyday.” – Rev. Oh Wonkeun, Senior Pastor, Daekwang Church of the Nazarene

Daekwang Church of the Nazarene on Gyeonggi Province, South Korea has been encouraging its members to read the Bible as part of their home faith training. They came up with the idea of “301 Days of Bible Reading” as there are a total of 301 days in 2021 excluding [local] holidays with a plan of reading three to four chapters a day.

The program started on January 2, 2021, and will last until the end of the year. Local church members and their families are actively engaging and participating online.


The Youtube Channel

Currently, Good Dad Youtube Channel has 130 episodes and is now in the book of Judges. As a result, their YouTube channel has garnered a steady stream of viewers and positive feedback.

“I encourage you to read through the Bible. My kids went to study too after watching it together. I was challenged after watching Du-yeon and Se-yeon.” a viewer commented.

The family behind these videos is Pastor Park Hyunmyung, an associate pastor at Daekwang Church. He produces these videos together with his wife Choi Bitnae and two young kids, Park Du-yeon and Park Se-yeon.

For non-Korean viewers and readers, Pastor Park adds subtitles to his videos. Both Korean and English verses are added so even younger children can easily follow. He will continue to produce these videos until the end of the year.  His prayer is that this ministry will encourage more families to read and study the Bible together.

“I thank God for giving me a family I can face every day at a time when lockdown and restrictions have become a daily routine. I hope that many people will enjoy the blessing of reading and studying the Bible with their families.” – Pastor Park Hyunmyung

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