Compressed Damage 4

Melanesia Nazarene Bible College, Papua New Guinea:  On January 6th, a storm with high winds swept through the Melanesia Nazarene Bible College Campus (MNBC) in the highlands of Papua New Guinea.

Compressed Damage 2

The storm blew down many trees, broke branches, and scattered debris across the campus.

God was truly looking out for our staff and students as a very large tree fell on one of the student houses and yet no one was injured.  The houses are configured with sleeping rooms on each end and a common room in the middle.  The tree absolutely destroyed one of the sleeping rooms.  Had there been a student in the room, the outcome would have most likely been very tragic. Compressed Damage 3

Unfortunately, the damage was severe enough that the entire student house will need to be rebuilt from the foundation up.  The mission can rebuild this house for $2,700.00.

If you or your church would be interested in partnering with the region in helping to rebuild this housing, please contact us by clicking this link.

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MNBC is commissioned with the task of equipping Papua New Guineans as ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Located in the Western Highlands of PNG, the campus of MNBC includes classes, library, offices, chapel, student and faculty housing.

This vital Nazarene Institution of Higher Education is constantly expanding the positive impact that it is having for the Kingdom across the Melanesia Field.

Thank you for your continued prayers, encouragement, and partnership with the Asia-Pacific Region.