Papua New Guinea: For the last 50 years, Kudjip Nazarene Hospital has been serving the Highlands of Papua New Guinea, including the people in Jiwaka Province. This ministry has become even more blessed as Jiwaka government declared them as the Nazarene General Hospital, the provincial hospital in the area!

It was a great achievement for Nazarene General Hospital and Church of the Nazarene in the Highlands! It was an historic moment as the government of Papua New Guinea issued and signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) to partner with a church health service. The signing took place at the Provincial Headquarters office between the National Department of Health, Jiwaka Provincial Government, and Nazarene General Hospital, with the presence of Nazarene District Superintendent Rev. Peter Degene as one of the witnesses.

The MOA declared Nazarene General Hospital- Jiwaka to be listed as the provincial hospital, rather than just a health centre or district hospital, as it has been in the past. Nazarene Health Ministries hopes that this improved partnership will open up new opportunities for further ministry, and to particularly increase training for Papua New Guinean doctors.

Provincial Administrator Mr. Wandil made a public statement that Nazarene General Hospital will continue to run its operations as an independent institution, adhering to its own Church constitution and administrative policies. No political or public entity will interfere with its management, policies, and ministries.

Thousands of people, including the hospital staff, turned up to witness the signing and praised God for this great achievement in christian health service in Papua New Guinea. Nazarene General Hospital Administrator, Dr. Scott Dooley, praised God and thanked the Government for recognizing what the church is doing through health ministries and services in the Highlands. He also expressed his gratitude and appreciation to all the nurses, doctors, and support staff from the hospital for their commitment, dedication, and hearts to serve in this ministry. He also thanked the Kuma and Sekeng tribes surrounding the station for taking good care of the properties over the many years of operations.

Let us continue to pray for Nazarene Health Ministries in Papua New Guinea. May it continue to flourish by touching more lives through their passion to serve God.