A Work and Witness Team from DaeKwang Church of the Nazarene in South Korea was sent on a short mission trip to Guam last month.  A team composed of eighteen members including their senior pastor, Dr. Oh, WonKeun, served at the Guam First Church of the Nazarene. This trip was put on hold because of the COVID-19 pandemic so it was a great blessing when the church was finally able to go at the start of this year.

The team helped the local church with repainting the church’s exterior walls. Some of the young people who were part of the team had the opportunity to learn and familiarize themselves with using paintbrushes and rollers. The team also worked on the cleaning and landscaping of the church’s garden. These experiences taught them practical skills even while they are ministering to the church and the community.

The team members participated in the Saturday worship service led by the Guam First Church young people. DaeKwang church youth members also participated in the worship time.  Also, during their Sunday worship service, some members of the team shared their testimony on how the Holy Spirit led them to enjoy the worship despite language barriers. The team shared special songs in English and Korean.

HwiJin Park, one of the young people who joined the team shared, “I felt the warm hearts of the members of the Guam First Church of the Nazarene. Because of my engagement in this mission trip, my perspective changed about how I view missions compared to before I came here.”

JaeEun Lee, also a youth member, confessed that God had done great things in her life and said, “Through these experiences, I realized that even though our language and culture are different, we are indeed one community, same children of God.”

JaeWan Lee also shared and praised the Lord with these words. “Through this mission trip, I felt that God is really alive, and I was even more determined to become a servant of God.”

Lastly, SangAh Lim, the team coordinator expressed her gratitude to all the members of the team. “Even though we faced many challenges before this trip and everything did not go according to our plans, we felt God’s grace throughout.  am happy and grateful that our mission of ‘unity’ was achieved.”