South Korea: For Rev. Ickjun Ko, the Senior Pastor of Restoration Church of the Nazarene, battling cancer has been an ongoing journey for him. In 2008 while studying at Korea Nazarene University (KNU), he was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. In 2014, the thyroid cancer recurred. And last March 2022, he has diagnosed with stage 4 follicular lymphoma – a very aggressive type that does not guarantee full recovery. He is receiving continued medical treatment/maintenance for two years even after chemotherapy.

Even in the midst of this very challenging situation, Rev. Ko continues to be strong and faithful in serving God. Last month, he was given the opportunity to share his story in “7000 Miracles – Here’s the Love of Jesus” aired on the Korean CTS TV Channel. The TV program is designed to share Jesus’ love with neighbors suffering from illness and financial difficulties.

Pastor Ko shared, “The doctor told me that my cancer could not be completely cured. It felt like a death sentence to me. But I praise God for the strength to endure as I continue to struggle with my sickness. He is still allowing me to recover gradually. Please pray for me that I will longer so that I will become a witness of God’s healing, a witness of God’s grace, and a witness for Jesus without despair.”

His wife, Eunjung Park shared, “I was devastated by my husband’s third cancer outbreak, and I was afraid that he would not be able to go on the path of the mission he received from our heavenly Father. But I pray that we can stand as witnesses of healing. I hope our story will comfort many people in pain.”

Ickjun and Eunjung have two young sons – Dahyun (7 years old) and Junghyun (5 years old). As they go through different medical treatments, they always feel sorry that they are not spending enough time with them. “Even though we are in this difficult time in our lives, we can still feel that we are in the midst of God’s grace because of the prayers of our brothers and sisters and fellow workers in Christ in our local church. We believe that even this painful time can be used by God as another channel to spread the Gospel.” Rev. Ko confessed.

Please continue to pray for Rev. Ko’s complete healing, strength for his family, and financial provision for all the medical expenses. Pray that they will continue to be a witness of God’s grace in the midst of this difficult time.

Watch his full video here: