Pyeongchang, South Korea: Korea National District held its annual Family Conference last 17-19 October 2022 at Hanwha Resort in Pyeongchang. A total of 423 pastors and families joined the event.

The District Ministerial Studies Board organized the said event with the theme “Rest and New Challenges.” The gathering has become an event that gives pastors time to rest and recharge as they face new challenges in the ministry.

At the three-day family conference, 12 instructors provided God’s words and valuable information to help the local church ministries. The worship team led by Pastor Um, Won-sik added energy and encouragement to the conference. Pastors had an opportunity to rest in a good environment and re-recognize the core values of the Church of the Nazarene.

Moreover, the conference provided opportunities for pastors and their families to spend special time together. The special lectures for pastors’ wives and the activities program at a water park and amusement facilities for the children of pastors gave the families rest and joy. The event featured programs for the fellowship and harmony of the pastor’s family.

Rev. Yoon Moon-gi, District Superintendent, said, “This conference was a really good time for the families to have a retreat, encourage, and build one another. I hope that that we will continue to live a balanced life as we look forward to continuing to serve in our ministries in this new normal.”

During the closing worship service, Rev. Jeon Gwangdon (the head of the District Ministerial Studies Board) shared, “If we rest, we can easily recover and take on new challenges. We can only look at God, endure and live like Joseph. And surely God will take care of us and take responsibility to give us pastors the strength that we need.”

“It was a time to enjoy the leading and guidance of the Holy Spirit, who answered our prayers with our knees, and everything was possible because God did it.” Rev. Lee Jin-wang confessed.

Park Seonghee, who attended the conference with her five children, said, “It was a great time for both parents and children because not only parents but also young children could participate.”