KNU accepting applicants for international faculty

Nov 3, 2017

Korea Nazarene University (KNU), a private Christian university located in Cheonan, South Korea, seeks applicants for its international  faculty positions, specifically English speaking professors who can play an instrumental role in globalizing KNU’s educational program. Most of KNU’s current foreign faculty consists of people from Nazarene churches in the U.S.

The teaching position is under the department of General education specifically in the field of English Conversation and English Content Classes.  The deadline for submission of application and documents is until November 30, 2017.

Located one hour from Seoul, KNU was founded in 1954 by Donald Owens, general superintendent emeritus. The school is the top university specializing in rehabilitation and social welfare in Korea. It serves about 5,500 (300 graduate) students in more than 35 majors. Accredited by the Korea Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology, KNU’s educational philosophy and purpose are shaped by biblical principles.

For more information on the school, see their web site:

KNU Foreign Faculty Position

For professorship (E-1 visa): Bachelor’s degree holder with 4 years of teaching or researching experience in the related field of expertise. Master’s degree holder (2years) with 2 years of teaching or researching experience in the related field of expertise or Doctorate degree holder.

Teaching experiences as full-time professor at a government accredited college level above, or a full-time English teacher (15 hours/week above) at a government accredited kindergarten, primary or secondary school are 100% admitted.

2,450,000 KRW (US$2,178.86) monthly for Bachelor’s degree holder. 2,500,000 KRW (US$2,223.33) monthly for Masteral degree holder and 2,550,000 KRW (US$2267.79) monthly for Doctorate degree holder.  The contract period is two years.

Start-up money of 400,000 KRW (US$355.73)  within one month after employment. Housing stipend of 250,000KRW for off-campus housing. Korea Teacher’s Pension, If on-campus housing will be used – 200,000 KRW (US$177.87) will deducted from the monthly salary or can be offered free of charge upon approval of KNU president.  National Health Insurance. Paid summer and winter vacation. (Vacation will be taken when summer and winter camps are not in session.  Camp teaching pay is offered according to KNU policy.

Application documents

Documents should be submitted in either English or Korean. The application documents include: Application Form. Self-introduction (including personal testimony). Plans to teach and contribute to KNU.  Pastor’s recommendation letter.  Completed questionnaire. Self health check list. Agreement to offer personal information.  A copy of the passport (photo and signature pages). Original copies of Certificate of Work Experience for each employment – related to teaching, researching, industry-education. Copies of Bachelor, Masters and Doctorate Diploma.

Application procedures
Application documents can be submitted by registered mail, email or in person to KNU.  The applicants who submitted through email must submit hard copies of the application documents when interviewed. Deadline for submission of Application documents is 12:00 PM, 30 November 2017.

Visa process
Mail documents needed for the visa process to KNU upon getting a letter of acceptance from KNU. A contract will be sent to you to sign and return to KNU. Upon receipt of all documents, KNU will apply for the visa. The Immigration Office will issue a number to KNU. This number and other necessary information will be emailed to you. Fill out a visa application, enter the number and information, and take this application and your passport to the Korean consulate closest to you (E-1) when you go for an interview. E-2 visa applicants may mail your passport and application directly to the Korean consulate to obtain your visa.

Mailing address
Contact Person:  Tenny Lee
Academic Affairs Office, Korea Nazarene University
Wolbong-ro 48, Cheonan-city, Chungnam, 31172, South Korea
Phone: ++82-41-570-1550 [9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.]

Important notices
The contract is for 2 years (A new contract may be offered at the end of two years.) KNU or an employee of KNU is not responsible for any information that fails to reach because of incorrect contact information.  If, at any stage during or after the selection process, it is discovered that you have provided false information, you will be disqualified from the entire process. If employed, the contract will be terminated immediately and required to reimburse KNU for the salaries received from KNU. A letter of release from KNU will NOT be issued. The instructors must attend a local Nazarene church during the contract period. Drinking and smoking are not allowed. The instructors cannot have any criminal records.  The instructors must follow and uphold the manual and guidelines set by the International Church of the Nazarene. The Application documents must be complete. If all the required documents are not provided, the application shall not be accepted.  All the communications with applicants will be conducted by e-mail. If the e-mail address provided by the applicant is not correct or a properly sent e-mail cannot reach him/her, KNU is not responsible for any disadvantages that it may cause.  If any rules and conditions are not specified in this notice, they will follow the provisions of personnel of Korea Nazarene University. Successful applicants must participate in the Orientation at the end of Feb.

To download the application packet and cover letter, click here.

–Korea Nazarene University (* = KRW to US dollars conversion as of June 9, 2011.)


Grace Tia

Grace Tia is the Communications Coordinator for the Asia-Pacific Region.

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