Do you want to understand your significant role in the call to bring healing to the hurting through discipleship?

On September 26, 2017, Tuesday, 2:00 PM Central TimeRev. Roland Hearn, Australia North and West District Superintendent will give a webinar on “Therapeutic Love and Discipling Community.” 

In this webinar, Rev. Hearn will explore the essential role of love and honor in bringing healing to the hearts of hurting people.  It will be presented that this is the foundation of all discipleship.  Discipleship is a community activity where the primary purpose is to embrace people and live together in the process of becoming more like Christ.  A community like this is marked with five key functions that are essential for bringing people to wholeness and holiness.

If you would like to attend this webinar,  or if you cannot attend, but would like to review the recording, you can visit this link: Webinar

This webinar can also be credited to pastors seeking to receive Lifelong Learning credit. If you watch with laity in your church, you can also receive 50-percent more Lifelong Learning credits.