The Asia-Pacific Region is pleased to announce Scattered Together, a new podcast. On Scattered Together, host Nate Owens interviews leaders from the Church of the Nazarene to learn about their ministries, and how they might inform what we are already doing. The first two episodes are already available. The first is an interview with Sherri Shmidt, until recently the Regional Women’s Clergy Coordinator. In this episode, Nate and Sherri discuss how the call of God goes out to all people, even those who did not believe they could be called. In episode 2 we interview Dr. Dick Eugenio, discipleship coordinator for the Philippines-Micronesia Region. In that episode, Nate and Dr. Dick talk about discipleship and the different forms it can take in our lives.

You can listen to the new episodes on the podcast website, but we recommend that you subscribe through the podcast player of your choice. That way you won’t miss any future episodes, and you will be able to listen easily on platforms like Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and Spotify. And don’t forget to like our page on Facebook!