Yogyakarta, Indonesia: On 7 November 2023, the Indonesian Nazarene Theological College celebrated its 37th Graduation Ceremony. A total of 20 students joined this celebration: 11 Bachelor of Theology graduates, 8 Bachelor of Christian Religious Education graduates, and 1 Master of Theology. The theme is “Holy Living, A Change Maker, Impact The World” (Jude 1:17-23).

Rev. Stephen Gualberto, Sealands Field Strategy Coordinator, gave an inspirational message during the celebration. He shared, “As Christlike disciples, we are set apart to live a life of holiness. We have a deep connection with God that empowers us to be change-makers. As change makers, we are called to impact the world with His Words and works. We reach out to those in doubt, rescue the lost, serve as the hands and feet of Christ to the oppressed, show God’s mercy to the fallen, and compassion to the broken.”

INTC awarded students who excelled in specific areas in their academic life. They’ve given the Academic Award for students who gained the highest GPA, the Andrewriis Award for students who have never received any warning letter, good social spirit and service, and the Yunita Sumirah Award for students who are diligently reading in the library.

Mega, who received the highest GPA, gave her speech to represent all the graduating students. She said, “Indonesia Nazarene Theological College is more than just an educational institution. It is a home. A home where we are formed and equipped to become people with high spirituality, knowledge, skills, and character. I hope this graduation moment will not just be a ceremonial event but a reminder, a spirit booster that “Holy living, a change maker, and impact the world.”