Yogyakarta, Indonesia:  On Friday, February 20th, 2015, Indonesia Nazarene Theological College (INTC), announced the installation of Dr. Stephanus Hartoyo, PhD, as their new rector.

Hartoyo has had a long history of fruitful service with the Church of the Nazarene and College.  This has involved serving in several capacities to include: head of the Master’s Program since its inception, Director of Academic Affairs,  resourcing the land on which the college currently resides, and serving for more than 30 years as the pastor of the Filadelfia Church of the Nazarene, Yogyakarta.

Dr. Hartoyo has been elected to serve a term of three years, during which time he will be pursuing some significant goals for INTC.  These goals include: increasing the number of teachers to maintain governmental accreditation, expanding the influence of the school in Indonesia, mentoring and developing leadership at the school, and leading the efforts toward the school becoming financially self-sustaining.

INTC and the Sealands Field, would like to express their appreciation to Rev.  Alexander Suranto, who resigned from the position of rector in order to focus fully on completion of a doctoral program.

Suranto served as rector for a period of two years, during which time the school achieved governmental accreditation in the Theology, Christian Education, and Master’s Programs.   In addition,  Alex oversaw the advancement of several teachers in the process toward governmental certification.

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Under Suranto’s leadership, the school developed stronger bonds with the local churches and districts of Indonesia.  Rev. Suranto will continue to serve as head of the Christian Education program.

Please keep Dr. Hartoyo as well as the rest of the INTC faculty, staff, and students, in your prayers as together, they strive to answer the call of training up Christlike disciples and educators who will in turn, make Christlike disciples!