Oregon, USA:  Just recently, an email was received at the World Mission Communications Asia-Pacific office from the Children’s Ministry Director at a small North Coast Church of the Nazarene.

It was wonderful having [a missionary from your region] visit our church here in Oregon last fall.  

I serve as the Children’s Ministry Director. The visit inspired me to tell the children about the work that our mission teams are doing for the people in the Asia-Pacific countries.

Our church missionary president, challenged the congregation to “buy wells” for African villages. I presented the same challenge to our Wednesday night kids on September 24th. They were to do little jobs to earn money, turn in pop cans or even give from their allowance.   The rule was that it had to come from them personally. They weren’t to ask their parents for money. Our goal was to raise $100. by Christmas, as a gift to give fresh water to children in Africa.  

I used the book that was produced by the Asia-Pacific World Mission Communications Team, (featuring the Philippines)  for the Children to see, along with other pictures.  The children took the challenge very seriously.

We made a little well for them to put their money in and by October 29th, they had given a little over $100.  Wednesday, December 17th, was our last Odyssey meeting until January. The children continued to bring their money and often in their prayers they remembered the children of Africa who are less fortunate than themselves and prayed that they will come to know Jesus.

What a blessing. I talk to them about our missionaries and show them pictures of our missionaries so that they can have a visual of people who dedicate themselves to serve Jesus by telling people in foreign lands about His love.

As of the end of December,  we were up to $159 and a few cents. We made our Christmas goal!

Many of these children come from unchurched homes and very difficult situations.   Our goal is to not just reach these children and give them a passion for missions, but to reach out to their families as well.

Thank you to our churches around the world that are capturing the vision for mission and who are instilling that passion in the hearts of their young people.

—-  Submission:  Barbara Thompson