New Lynn, New Zealand:  There is truly a unique project with a great “Tasti” start in New Zealand.  The Seabrook – New Lynn Church of the Nazarene, a suburb of Auckland, has been meeting in a small hall since it was organized in the 1980s.

For several years, the congregation has been running a fundraising campaign for a new building. News of the campaign reached management at Tasti Products Limited, a company who was looking for a deserving recipient of a building that they were needing to move.  The company made the decision to donate the building to the New Lynn Church of the Nazarene.

Current sanctuary at Seabrook - New Lynn Church of the Nazarene

Current sanctuary at Seabrook – New Lynn Church of the Nazarene

“The Seabrook Church has been struggling for the past 30 years with a sanctuary that seats only 60 people,” stated Rev. Neville Bartle, New Zealand District Superintendent.  “The new building is 25 meters long and 13 meters wide and will provide a sanctuary for 120 people, foyer, kitchen, children’s ministry space and allow the old sanctuary to become a children’s ministry and fellowship hall.”

In order for this project to be completed the current building has to be upgraded to comply with the latest fire and building requirements. This will involve:
  • 1. Removing the roof tiles and putting in fiberglass insulation and replacing the roof.
  • 2. Installing fire proof sheet rock on internal walls.
  • 3. Removing old cracked vinyl from floor and putting down carpet.
  • 4. Redesigning toilets and creating new foyer and children’s ministries rooms.
  • 5. Putting in storm water drainage and extending the carpark.
  • 6. Re cladding and repainting the outside of the building.
  • 7. Creation of a new wooden perimeter fence around church property.

The congregation is very thankful to Tasti Products Limited, and is praying now for Work and Witness teams to partner with them in this project.   Please see the official project on the Nazarene Work and Witness Site.