Papua New Guinea: God continues to expand the health ministry in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea!

Over the weekend, Bromley Memorial District had the privilege of dedicating the newly-opened Tsingoropa Health Services in Jimi Valley. People from the community brought gifts of food of all sorts as an expression of gratitude and joy. Bromley Memorial District Superintendent (DS) Kamda Kanzpena, Mr. Moses and wife Gabriella, together with her two sisters, led the dedication service. Scripture from Psalms 121 & 128 were read to inspire everyone present during the event.

The community leaders would like to thank Nazarene Health Ministries, particularly Kudjip Nazarene Hospital, for their efforts to put up Tsingoropa Health Service facility. According to DS Kamda, “The people of Jimi are the happiest people today. We praise God for that.”

-Submitted by: Kamda Kanzpena