Eastern Mediterranean Field: The Nazarene pastor on the Eastern Mediterranean Field who was kidnapped on Friday was released a day later.

Lindell Browning, strategy coordinator for the field, shared the following urgent prayer request on Friday:

“A Nazarene pastor from a sensitive access area has been kidnapped today and a heavy ransom is being demanded. Let’s join his family and the Church of the Nazarene around the world to pray for his safety and quick release.”

Nazarenes around the world prayed and shared the prayer request to friends, family, and congregations.

A day later, the good news was announced.

“Give thanks to the Lord,” said a Nazarene field leader. “Because of your prayers, God opened the doors. God is always faithful. [The] pastor that was kidnapped is back home. Details of the nature of his release are not available.

“Please pray for security in sensitive areas of our world; we don’t want issues like this to make the believers and leaders leave the places where they live.”

Browning rejoiced at the news.

“We are dancing … holy dancing that is!!” he said. “God has responded to our prayers!”

Global Mission Director Verne Ward shared his joy.

“We are rejoicing in the grace of God!” Ward said. “We are thankful for the prayer of His people! Rejoicing in tears!”

Please continue to pray for the Church of the Nazarene around the world and its mission to make Christlike disciples in the nations.
— Submitted:  NCNNews