The Church of the Nazarene “Mustard Seed” Palu, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia, is a pioneering church led by Ptr. Pikir Damai Hulu. This church uses futsal to reach out and connect to more people in their community.

Ptr. Pikir started a futsal ministry to plant a church in their area. After joining several the games, one of the futsal members asked him and the whole team to go to his durian farm and meet with people in Pakava Village, Pasang Kayu City, Central Sulawesi. The group rode motorcycles from Palu City to Pasang Kayu City for six hours because the road was steep and paved.

During this time, Ptr. Pikir had the opportunity to survey a new place to minister, the dormitory owned by Markus Gulo, which has 18-20 members. In the evening, Ptr. Pikir had the opportunity to share God’s Word taken from Joshua 1:1-9 in the dormitory of Pakava Village, Pasang Kayu City.  Ptr. Pikir hoped this was a good opportunity to expand the ministry to this new place.

Their outreach’s regular meetings have been in the works since Ptr. Pikir lives far away from this outreach area. Please pray for Ptr. Pikir as he continues to minister to these young people and for the expansion of the church in this place.