Karen State, Myanmar:  A tragic story is emerging today out of the country of Myanmar.

On Saturday, November 21st, in the early morning hours (around 2:00am) fire broke out in the home of one of our Nazarene families.

karen State MapWhile the children and adults were able to escape, a paralyzed man, the brother of the home owner’s wife, perished in the fire.  The Karen churches are mourning the loss of this church member.

Now the home owner (also a member of the church) has been arrested as part of the investigation into the fire.  The entire family is very active in the local church ministry.

Please pray for all involved, for the family as they deal with this tragic loss, for the churches as they come together to support the family,  and for the man who has been imprisoned.  Pray that the investigation would be objective and that no one would be falsely accused.

— Submitted:  Pastor Jerome T.