Zamboanga City, Philippines: Philippine-Micronesia Field Strategy Coordinator, Stephen Gualberto along with regional Nazarene Compassionate Ministries Coordinator David Harris and field staff, arrived safely in Zamboanga City as the second wave of Nazarene Disaster Response.

He reports that the Nazarene team members are well engaged and having a significant impact.

“Our team coordinated an effective trauma diffusing session with about 150 children in the evacuation center that has been adopted by the Nazarene Disaster Response Team. This is the 3rd day our team has facilitated this type of effort. Tomorrow, they will conduct hygiene training and distribution of hygiene kit to 300 children,” stated Gualberto.

The team is very appreciative of the partnership with the Christian Missionary Aliance Church in Zamboanga City.

We ask for your continued prayers for the Nazarene Disaster Response Team, their ministry, and for the thousands that have been displaced.

Nazarene Disaster Response Team arrives in Zamboanga.

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