Please pray for the two daughters of a family serving on the Asia-Pacific Region who suffered broken bones and scrapes after both being hit by a car on Friday afternoon on their way home from school. Both girls have significant injuries but the parents are very thankful as it could have been much worse.  The family is surrounded by local friends and the parents report that the girls are receiving good medical care.

*** Update ***

11-October-15 Thank you for praying for the two daughters of a family serving on the Asia-Pacific Region.  Both girls are recovering after being hit by a SUV on Friday, October 9th.  One girl has a large gash over left eyebrow, broken leg, broken cheekbone, bruises, and a concussion. At this time, doctors are watching to be sure there isn’t bleeding on her brain. The other girl, while at first was thought to not have been affected, has a broken pelvis and bruising to her kidney. She will be in bed for four-six weeks to heal.

Please keep the girls and their parents in your prayers.

In the midst of the accident’s aftermath, the girl’s parents, while caring for their children, cared also for the driver of the SUV who was distraught. They assured the driver that there is a greater person watching over them and are asking God for wisdom on how to approach this relationship that has developed out of the accident.