From 28 January until 2 February 2024, Kwongwan Church of the Nazarene and Korea National District’s Mission Department organized a mission trip in Thailand. Kwongwan Church of the Nazarene remembers when the Thai District visited their church in 1997, fostering a sense of mutual growth.

Thai District warmly welcomed the team and organized events for five local churches, sharing the Gospel through prepared performances. One highlight was their visit to a church, attempting to establish a preaching point and connecting with neighbors. The Korean team hosted a one-day Korean festival in this area featuring a Korean food class, traditional dance, and Taekwondo. Hundreds of people had the opportunity to hear the Gospel through this team.

Rev. Nam Kwanghyun from Kwongwan Church remarked, “Even though only 1% follow Christianity, we see the 99% of Thai people. We pray that God uses the Thai District to reach out to those who do not know Jesus Christ.”

The Nazarene Mission Team assists locals in the mission field and helps them grow personally. This ministry serves as a means to connect with Nazarenes worldwide. We learn about our Nazarene identity through missions, actively engage in mission work, and grow together.

Have you ever visited a Nazarene Church around the world? Have you ever hosted a missionary at your church? Now is the time to connect and grow together!”

By: Mijiye Kim