Mr. Il Mo Lee, secretary general of Philippine Food for the Hungry International (Givers Funds Inc.) and president of Manila CBMC (Christian Business Men’s Committee), affirmed the significance of media ministry and his cooperation with WMC when he visited the World Mission Center last September 2, 2011. His visit was arranged after Dr. Dong Hwan (Bill) Kwon, the director of WMC, spoke in CBMC monthly meeting as a guest speaker last August 29.

On his visit, he donated a digital camera, a tripod, other equipment, and a Macintosh computer with high-tech editing function. These equipment will be used for educating future media ministers and the youth in Rowenas.

Mr. Lee also promised to keep close cooperation with the Philippine Food for the Hungry International, besides donating the media equipment. The Philippine Food for the Hungry is a NGO launched by sponsorship of Korean Food for the Hungry International (KFHI) to save the country from the poverty. As the upcoming cooperation is expected, the media technique needed by Philippine Food for the Hungry International will be possibly supplied by WMC-AP.

The relationship between KFHI and WMC is not something happened the first time. Community Development through Dengue Prevention and Control: Rowenas Community, under the leadership of Dr. Kwon is being sponsored by KFHI with full financial support ($ 20,000). This Dengue Protect Program is following the principles of Community Based Health Care and its goal is to develop the community as a whole and ultimately to evangelize and built a church of God. For the community development of this Rowena area and equipping the agent of Philippine Food for the Hungry, KFHI (the representative, Mr. Byung Man Park) and Dr. Dong Hwan (Bill) Kwon will closely cooperate. The secretary of Philippine Food for the Hungry, Mr. Lee, also promised to actively cooperate with the team for this Rowenas Project.

This missional cooperation is the process of “in all things God works for the good” according to Apostle Paul (Romans 8:28), and will be a great help for WMC-AP and APNTS to build a bridge between Jesus Christ and the world.

by: Dr. Dong Hwan (Bill) Kwon, Director of WMC-AP