Chuuk Church of the Nazarene dedicates new building.

Chuuk Church of the Nazarene dedicates new building with Philippine-Micronesia Field Strategic Coordinator Rev. Stephen Gualberto, Philippine-Micronesia Field Education Coordinator Dr. David Ackerman and local church pastor Richard Sulatra.


After many years, the Church of the Nazarene on the island of Chuuk in the Federated States of Micronesia has a new home!

The Chuuk Church of the Nazarene celebrated its 17th anniversary on November 19, 2017. This is a special celebration for the church not only because of its anniversary but also because they are dedicating their new church building. Rev. Stephen Gualberto, Philippine-Micronesia Field Strategy Coordinator was the special speaker and led the dedication of this new church building.

The church has purchased a property many years ago through Alabaster Fund. But the church does not have enough resources to build their facility. But through their faithful service, prayer, and sacrificial giving, God was also faithful in keeping his promise. God provided a Korean donor who lives in the United States, who gave a significant amount towards the construction of the church building. The church was able to buy the building materials at a wholesale price through the generosity of the employer of one of the church members. And the materials were shipped without shipping charges from the Philippines.

The congregation also raised funds through sacrificial giving to complete the budget needed for the project. They also donated their time and talent to help build the sanctuary. God truly provides!

The church building is strategically located along the main road on the island of Chuuk and close to many homes with families and children.

The church is intentionally reaching out to the Chuukese children and their families. Raizza Mae Carlos, a 16-year old teenager from the church, has a special burden for the children of Chuuk. She is from the Philippines and speaks Pohnpeian, Chuukese, English, and Tagalog fluently. She is the only one among the Filipino congregation in the church who can speak Chuukese fluently. Thus, she led the ministry to Chuukese children, youths, and their families. God is using her and others to make a growing impact on the community. She is well loved by the children and their parents. The church also speaks highly of her.  Pastor Richard Sulatra and his wife Hazel, both are bi-vocational and Overseas Filipino Worker are leading the church.

The Federated States of Micronesia has a population of over 100,000 people on 647 islands speaking 13 languages. Thirty-one percent (31%) live under the international poverty line of US 1.25 per day. There is a great opportunity for ministry on these islands. God is calling and raising up workers for this rich harvest field. Missionaries Rev. Timothy and Lydia Kim relocated from the Philippines to the island of Pohnpei in 2016 and are actively involved in discipling and church growth in the Pohnpei Church of the Nazarene.

Pray for:

  • Chuuk Church of the Nazarene. That God would use them to give the hope and love from Jesus on the island.
  • Pastor Richard and Hazel that God would empower them and use them as they lead the Chuuk Church of the Nazarene.
  • Riza as she ministers to the teens and children in Chuuk.
  • Timothy and Lydia Kim that God would continue to use them as they become actively involved in the discipleship and church growth in Pohnpei Church of the Nazarene.
  • Stephen Gualberto. That God would give him wisdom as he works with the leadership team in Micronesia district in planning and strategizing on the different ways to minister on this island.

Contributor: Dr. David Ackerman, Philippine-Micronesia Field Education Coordinator