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Manila, Philippines: No building, no walls, no roof; no problem. Dalisay Church of the Nazarene (Dalisay – adj. clean, pure, genuine, true) continues to serve their community and make Christlike disciples in spite of the challenges of not having a traditional church building. Rev. Pedrito Cainglet, the Senior Pastor of the church said, “Dalisay Church may not have a church building, but we are biblically doing the ministry of the Lord.” Dalisay Church started as a simple Bible study group of seven into a church of 40 and growing. The church took their buildingless situation as an opportunity to make the boundaries of their ministry limitless.


Rev. Pedrito Cainglet

Rev. Cainglet shares, “In spite of not having a building, we continue the ministry. I just send a text message about our meeting place for that Sunday, and we gather and worship there. Sometimes we meet in a nearby park, local cafeteria, under a flyover, or at a member’s house.” Last year, the church helped one of their young people finish college through close mentoring and weekly financial allowance. Today, this graduate is a certified accountant and now works as a bank teller in one of the prominent Philippine banks. Next year, two more young people will graduate from college as an accountant and the other from Criminology.

The church can be found in the areas of Pandacan, Manila, Philippines. The place can easily be found because it is beside a train track. But Pandacan is not only known for the railroads but also of abandoned, abused or neglected children. This is why education has been one of the greater emphasis of the church’s teachings. Rev. Pedrito said, “I always teach the young people that education is part of the great plan of God” and truly, his words are manifested in the lives of the young people he is discipling.

dalisay-kids-singing praises

Dalisay Kids singing praises

Three years have passed and Dalisay Church of the Nazarene still has no church building but they continue to build the Kingdom. Last year, on December 6, the church celebrated their anniversary under a flyover. One member remarked, “This is by far the most joyous celebration the church has experienced!” The anniversary was attended by many, including children and elders of the community. God is at work and Dalisay Church’s milestone proves that God’s work is not limited by the four corners of a building. God’s power channels through the commitment and passion of His people. Whenever, wherever, however the Kingdom of God continues to expand.

Luke 9:2-4 “And He sent them out to proclaim the kingdom of God and to heal the sick. “Take nothing for the journey,” He told them, “no staff, no bag, no bread, no money, no second tunic. Whatever house you enter, stay there until you leave that area.”

Pastor Pedrito Cainglet is married to Pastor Michelle Cainglet. Both are alumni of Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary. They have two sons named Petros and Kairos Cainglet and the family has dedicated their lives to full service in the Lord.

Last month, the church was featured in Stories DVD and the story is still being shared up to today. Many have expressed encouragement and inspiration after watching the video about the church.