Manila, Philippines:  A couple weeks ago, we attended our Nazarene church in Taytay, Rizal, Philippines.  We heard a wonderful story from Pastora Lucinda who brought the message.

This church was built years ago with Alabaster money and now they are a strong church.  So a month ago, they decided to take up an Alabaster offering. Well, a month ago the famed “Bucket Challenge” which started in the States was in full swing.

The Taytay First Church creative team came up with different colored buckets, placing them at the front of the church,  filled with pledge cards of varying amounts.

A seven year old child went up and took a 500 pesos pledge card (equal to about $10). The child did not fully know what it meant, but he wanted to do something for God.

These are not wealthy people, but the parents did not just lay it aside. They explained to the child fully what it meant. The child still wanted to do it, so he prayed to Jesus to help him get the money somehow. But he had no way to get the money.

A few weeks later, the Sunday was approaching for all the people to bring in their pledges and put them in the buckets. Still the child did not have any of the money.

Near the end of the school week, it was Philippine United Nations Day and all the children dressed up in costumes from home that would best represent a country of the world. The school decided to give a prize to the best dressed student.

Can you guess who won? Yes!  And guess who came running home after school with a prize in their hand…that small boy.

Oh, by the way, guess what the prize was? That’s right – 500 pesos in cold, hard cash.

Guess who was the proudest and most excited person to bring their pledge that Sunday and place it in the bucket!

Truly an Alabaster miracle, and a faith building moment that one seven year old boy will not soon forget!

How’s your faith?

— Dr. Clark Armstrong – Professor Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary