On 27-28 May 2011, the Asia-Pacific Regional Communications (WMC-AP) team held a transitional planning retreat at Stagira Farms in Pilillia, Rizal, Philippines.  Ten members for the team, including Regional Communications Coordinator, Doug Flemming, and APNTS Communications Professor, Dr. Kwon Dong-Hwan, met to clarify the WMC-AP mission statement and ministry goals for the future.  In addition, they gathered to map out a more synergistic partnership between WMC-AP and the APNTS – FISC program (Fairbanks International School of Communication). 

During the retreat, the participants clarified their unified mission to “serve the Church through media education, production and resources.”   With this closer partnership between FISC and WMC-AP, the region anticipates the involvement of more students from around the region in production projects for their own language groups. Once the finish their training at FISC the students will then be able to continue developing media materials and participate in production projects for the church when they return to their countries. For more information about either of these ministries, please visit http://www.apnts.edu.ph  or http://www.wmc-ap.org.