On 23 September 2023, Asia-Pacific Nazarene Youth International gathered to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the organization, a significant milestone celebrated worldwide. In collaboration with Nazarene Discipleship International, the two organizations organized an event blended with discipleship and video games in a unique webinar via Zoom. Over 100 young individuals and leaders around the region joined the event.

The featured speaker is George Herrera, the Video Game Coordinator for the Church of the Nazarene-Eurasia Region. He brought a wealth of experience and passion as he shared valuable insights about this creative ministry. He emphasized the cultural relevance of video games for today’s youth and provided a Christian perspective on integrating them into our youth ministry. His message was clear: video games can help build trust and relationships among the youth. He also sheds light on the ‘Journey of Grace’ video game for children and how e-sports (electronic sports) can effectively engage youth in outreach efforts.

Worship and singing were led by Indonesia NYI, lifting the spirits and bringing everyone together in praise. The subsequent prayer sessions in Breakout Rooms were meaningful, creating a sense of unity and shared purpose.

David Gonzales, the Director of Global NYI, shared inspiring words. He reminded us of the immense importance of young people in the kingdom of God, encouraging us to guide this generation into a vibrant, faith-filled life, remaining true to calling generation to a dynamic life in Christ for the past 100 years.

The celebration ended on a high note with a raffle, offering sponsorship to two young individuals for the upcoming Nazarene Youth Conference in the Philippine-Micronesia Field. It’s wonderful to witness opportunities opening up for our youth.

This event was a beautiful reminder of the legacy we’ve built and the exciting path ahead. Let’s continue fostering unity, purpose, and dedication as we embrace the future. Here’s to another century of Nazarene Youth International, filled with growth, impact, and the unwavering spirit of the youth!

By Rev.Janary Suyat, APNYI Regional Coordinator