Manila, Philippines: On April 15-19, 2024, 19 District Superintendents from Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Indonesia, Philippines, East Timor, and Australia gathered in Manila, Philippines, together with their Field Strategy Coordinators for a 4-day district superintendent’s training and orientation.

The training is a tangible expression of the Asia-Pacific region’s priority on Intentional Leadership Development. Dr. Mark Louw, Asia-Pacific Regional Director, spearheaded the training, supported by Dr. Bruce Allder, Asia-Pacific Regional Education Coordinator; Dr. Melvin Rigsby, Regional New Initiatives Coordinator; Marnie Modine, Regional Secretary; and Kafoa Muaror and Roland Hearn, Field Strategy Coordinators.

The District Superintendents seminar addressed various topics, including Nazarene Polity and the Role and Responsibility of DS, District Administration and The District Assembly, Vision and Mission, The Local Church and Pastoral Relationships, Essential Ministries, Discipleship, Ministerial Preparation and Credentialing, Discipline and Restoration, District Development and Church Growth, Pioneering New Churches, and Nazarene Identity and Apportionments. 

During this time, the DS and FSCs also learned from each other’s experiences and how they overcame challenges in their respective areas of ministry. At the end of the training, Dr. Mark Louw gave communion to these leaders and commissioned them to follow Jesus’ example of service and leadership.

“The role of the District Superintendent is complex yet crucial for the growth and development of the church. Training and equipping them with knowledge and skills is of utmost importance for effective and transformational leadership. Thus, exalting the Lord.” – Stephen Gualberto, Sealands Field Strategy Coordinator

This training is a must for every District Superintendent. It helps me to become a better and more knowledgeable DS in leading the district. Every insight that was presented is significant. Looking forward to more seminars like this one.” – Rev. Ryan Cardinal, Metro Manila District Superintendent