The Asia-Pacific Region gathered on 28 April 2024 for the third year of the Love for Missions celebration, which was held via Zoom. Since 2022, the AP NMI has continuously connected the missionaries to the local churches and districts. It is their way of letting the missionaries know that we are journeying with them and that they are not alone in the field.

This year, through links, Care and Connection Missionaries were endorsed to the region by the Global NMI. They believe it is best to have endorsement coincide with the celebration of AP NMI Love for Missions.

Six (6) couple missionaries from various regions, namely:   Errol and Rhonda Carrim (AFRICA), Miguel and Irene Garita (COSTA Rica), Esteban and Dhariana Murillo (PANAMA) Eby, Tim & Michelle (AFRICA) Pablo & Viviana Tello (Paraguay) and Joe and Amy Hall (USA-Canada) were introduced to their host field: 

Dr. David and Rhonda Ackerman engaged in an engaging discussion with the Links Missionaries through the questions asked. The participants spent significant time getting to know them as they introduced themselves, their family life, and the kind of work they do, describing their call to missions and how it was confirmed. They also shared their current ministries and prayer requests.

Care and Connection is one of NMI’s Five Areas of Impact. ‘Links’ is a network of personal connections between missionaries and Nazarene districts worldwide. Participating missionaries are assigned to districts to help foster a personal connection between them and the local church.

Debra Voelker, the person in charge of Links, welcomed the missionaries alongside David Hane, the AP Personnel Coordinator. Our Regional Director, Mark Louw, expressed his warm welcome and assured the missionaries that the AP Region loves them. Our Mobilization Coordinator, Marcio Batista, encouraged the participants to learn more about missions.

The Asia-Pacific region aims to connect the local churches to missionaries. In so doing, it creates awareness of the vast need to reach the unreached people groups, the lost, the last, and the least. The first responders are the missionaries in the field, and in that, we should connect and care for them.

By Christine Mosuela, APR NMI Coordinator