Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary students embarked on a 6-hour road trip to a special mission to Mount Data, Mountain Province, on 8-13 December 2023. 15 students from 6 countries (South Korea, Cambodia, Myanmar, Philippines, USA, and India) participated in this mission trip to encourage and help the local churches in the area.

The team conducted workshops and other activities. They had a workshop on ministering to children, which included learning action songs, arts, crafting, and puppetry. They also taught a praise and worship seminar.  Another exciting activity is learning about culture – where the students taught how to write and read Chinese characters and about missions.

The students were also divided into groups to attend, preach, teach Sunday School, and share testimonies to five local Nazarene churches in the area.  The students were so blessed as they engaged with the local members. Through this experience, they really felt the Lord at work.

The people in Mt. Data were grateful for the opportunity to have fellowship with APNTS students. In return, they also blessed the students with an abundant harvest of fresh vegetables from their farms.

The students felt fulfilled and satisfied with the outcome of this trip. They were given a chance to teach and learn so much from the people and culture and, most of all, appreciate the beauty of nature. Indeed, it was a life-changing experience in a breathtaking place with extraordinary people and an opportunity to serve an amazing God.