Manila, Philippines: At Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary (APNTS,) which serves students and faculty from around the world, a student can walk through the heavy doors of the dining hall and see the signs of deterioration from many years of use.  The floor shattered with broken tile, the tables and chairs cramped together, trying to accommodate the increased number of guest they are serving daily.  There is also visible wear and tear of the structure evident to everyone who enters. Serving dozens of people every day, the dining hall was starting to become a safety hazard and in desperate need of being renovated.

Seeing the need to provide a more adequate space for community meals and also fellowship areas, APNTS President Dr. Bruce Oldham recently announced the start of the dining hall repair and renovation:

“Not long after we arrived at APNTS in November, cracks in the flooring of the Dining Hall indicated that repair and renovation were urgently needed. We began to recognize this an an opportunity to include a student study area/ lounge.”

There are already secured funds to begin the project, but APNTS still needs to raise more funds to complete it.

Please pray for APNTS as they press on towards the goal of providing better facilities to the future “bridge-builders” for Christ!

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-Submitted by: Ingrid Kiper/ Mireu Kim