Manila: On November 17th, Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary (APNTS) celebrated the 33rd anniversary of its official opening in 1983. The seminary held a campus-wide celebration where students, faculty, and alumni from around the world worshipped in prayer, song, and the Word.



Dr. Angelito Agbuya, one of the first faculty members when APNTS was founded, delivered a challenging message that encouraged the community and its supporters to continue walking with God. Dr. Agbuya was also honored for his many contributions to APNTS during the worship celebration.


Newly elected President Dr. Bruce Oldham said, What an honor it was for me to join our APNTS community in celebration of who we are as a community in Christ — past, present, and future. Our heritage anchors us in the mission of Christ and the initiatives of the Church of the Nazarene to equip and mobilize believers to ‘make Christlike disciples of the nations.’ Dr. Agbuya represented so many who have invested their passion into our seminary over the past 33 years, and His challenge to us charted our course for the years to come. Praise the Lord for what He is doing through our alumni around the world, and through our current students now and into the future!”

The vision of APNTS since its founding year has been to bridge cultures for Christ. After thirty-three years of equipping and preparing men and women for Christ-like leadership and excellence in Christian ministries, APNTS has more than 480 graduates in 24 countries performing pastoral, teaching, missional, administrative and many other forms of ministry.

Continue to pray for the seminary as it prepares students and serves its community, not just across the region but around the world.