Australia North West District (ANWD) held its annual Ladies Retreat from 24-26 November at QCCC Brookfield in Brookfield, Australia. Forty-six women from churches across Australia participated in the retreat. Reverend Kat Wood and Aroha Burton served as speakers and taught on the theme: “How to be a well-watered woman in a parched world (Jeremiah 17:7-8).”

“Our sessions were very deep, confronting, and challenging. Kat and Aroha led us through some key aspects such as a breakdown of each verse of the Lord’s Prayer, developing complete trust in Christ, and learning how to truly rest on Sabbath,” shared Megan Meade, ANWD NDI chairperson and an active woman in ministry on the ANWD.

One of the highlights of the retreat was having ladies respond in obedience to God’s call to participate in His mission. This was evident even in the retreat itself. The worship team was made up of women from three different churches across the district. These women overcame the challenge of physical distance by using Facebook video calls to practice and prepare for the retreat.

Megan Meade shared her transformative experience: “Seeing women be brave and transparent and sharing their stories over cups of tea and coffee was a blessing. God showed up and helped us all seek out ladies we had never met, sit and listen to each other, and join the journey. “Learning to stop and rest, recharge, and renew without feeling guilty challenged some of us (myself included), but learning some tips and tools to do this over the weekend, I believe most of us just did stop and take some time to rest with God.” Added Megan.

Small group sessions centered around sharing stories and praying together created space for relationships and vulnerability. Those who attended were already asking about the next opportunity to get together for a retreat. The ANWD faces the challenge of physical distance and limited resources in planning opportunities for fellowship. The ladies were grateful for the Lord’s provision of this opportunity for corporate worship and connection. Continue to pray that He will be glorified by the many women who were encouraged and empowered to say yes to His call!

Submitted: ANZ Communications