Kudjip, Papua New Guinea:  We are praising God this morning as social media messages began flowing out of Papua New Guinea around October 28th:

Read:  Wells are dry, gardens have died, drought worsens in Papua New Guinea.

10-28: RAIN! Heavy at the moment–we’re just waiting to find out how long it lasts!

10-29: “Well, it’s raining! Second evening in a row, if you can call 2 a row. I went out this afternoon and placed a plastic foot locker under the overflow pipe on our rain tank….I feel like the author of some DIY web site. “How to catch and use water during a drought.”

10-30: “THUNDER! Will it be three nights in a row? It ended up raining most of the night last night!”


Thank you for your continued prayers for Papua New Guinea!  The drought has been severe!