A City in a sensitive area of the Asia-Pacific Region: Rachel (not her real name) was back today at our home fellowship after being gone for several weeks over the Christmas break. She shared the following praise today:

“My mom is not a believer, so I had been praying that she would find a church where she could learn more about God. We live in a small town and I did not know of any Christian churches or Bible studies so did not know how to help my mom.”

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“When I went home at Christmas, I continued to pray. One day when I was on the ground floor of our housing block I heard singing. I didn’t recognize the song, but it sounded very much like a worship song. I followed the singing until I came to an apartment. The door was open so I walked in and discovered a house church was right there in our housing block! When I got my mother and brought her to the group, she discovered that three of the ladies in the house church were former co-workers! What are the chances of that happening!

What an amazing answer to prayer. Our small town is around 5 million people. Now my mother is attending the home group and learning more about God.”